7 Fat Burning Drinks For Ultimate Weight Loss

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I’ve already written a series of articles about top fat burning foods, but I’ve noticed there are some people who are looking specifically for fat burning drinks.

And while my “top fat burning foods” article mentioned a few liquids, this one will talk more about them, as well as bring up many that weren’t mentioned.

Whether you’re looking for new drinks to add to your routine or replacements for what you currently imbibe, this article will tell you all you need to know about fat burning drinks.

Note that when I say fat burning drinks, I do actually mean it.

That is, while the drinks I suggest are low in calories, the main reason I chose them actually has to do with their ability to raise your metabolism (which is the rate at which your body burns calories).

So without further ado, here is the list of 7 fat burning drinks that can help you lose weight.


First off, there is water. This is also one of the foods listed in the “fat burning foods” article, and for good reason.

The fact is, most people who want to lose weight are not drinking enough water. You should aim to drink 8 glasses (or 64 ounces) of water every day.

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Considering how busy everyone is these days, that can be a significant challenge.

But remember that you’re drinking water all the time, from the fruits you eat to the other drinks on this list.

On average, most people only need to drink 5-6 glasses of pure water to meet the 8 glasses goal.

Doing so will ensure you’re fully hydrated throughout the day. As dehydration slows down your body’s metabolism, drinking water is an important part of any weight loss plan.

Note also that you should drink ice-cold water. Most people prefer cold water anyway, so this usually isn’t a problem.

The benefit is that your body will have to work harder to heat the water, which will burn some calories. For more on water, feel free to go back and read the best fat burning foods article.

Carbonated Water

Related to water, there is also the option of seltzer water/soda water/carbonated water. Whatever you want to call it, it is an excellent substitute for other soft drinks.

Along with all the other benefits of regular water, seltzer water also appeals to most people’s taste buds, and can feel more like a snack than a chore.

It goes well with meals and/or on its own, and it keeps you from craving the much less carbonated drinks out there.

Green Tea

Next, consider green tea. As mentioned in the “fat burning foods” article, it has antioxidants that help the body fight diseases, and tastes great to boot.

Green tea also includes catechins. They are a type of organic compound that are known to noticeably increase your metabolism.

Interestingly, in order to make the best use of the properties of this fat burning drink, you should drink it hot. This ensures your tea is getting the maximum benefit from the tea leaves. Of course, do not add sugar, syrup, or anything else to the tea.


If tea isn’t your cup of tea, there is always a more western option of coffee. Coffee works on a number of different fronts.


It suppresses your appetite for around an hour or so, and so can be useful to combat cravings.

Caffeine, like green tea, is also a great tool for boosting your metabolism through thermogenesis (the generation of heat in your body).

And lastly, it is a diuretic. Coffee causes you to urinate more than other drinks, which will result in loss of water weight. Just like with tea, drink coffee black, without adding anything to it.

Studies linking coffee with weight loss are most conclusive with regard to 1-2 cups per day, so plan to drink one in the morning and one early in the afternoon.

Low-Fat / Fat-Free Milk

The fat burning foods article already talks at length about low-fat/fat-free milk, so I won’t spend much time on it here. Basically, it’s high in protein, which satisfies hunger, and high in calcium, which helps your body break down fat cells.

Protein Shakes

Whey protein shakes are another great fat burning drink for many of the same reasons that milk is.

Besides helping to build muscle mass, which will increase your metabolism, protein shakes also release appetite suppressing hormones that keep your cravings in line.

You can actually test this yourself. Next time, before you go to your favorite buffet, drink a serving of whey protein and then see how much you eat when you get there.

For most people, myself included, it ends up being significantly less than normal, as we just don’t feel that hungry anymore.

Vegetable Juice

Lastly, there is vegetable juice. Organic vegetable juice combines the health benefits of vegetables with the convenience of liquids to create an excellent fat burning drink.

Vegetable juice is also filling enough to have as a mini-meal on its own, while also usable as a supplement to a larger meal.

The best part is, it’s one of the best tasting drinks in this article. Just like with water, you’re going to want to drink this cold to maximize its effects.


And there you have it, a useful list of fat burning drinks with enough variety to keep you from getting bored, and enough information to help you get the most out of your drinks.

Obviously, drinking these drinks can only be one part of your weight loss strategy, and they must be combined with a good exercise regimen and solid overall diet to have a tangible effect.

But with that said, starting with drinks is an easy and painless way to begin your weight loss plan, and at the same time, incorporating the information in this article into already established plans is equally easy.

Regardless of your background, hopefully you have learned something today.

Your Turn

What do you think about the fat burning drinks I’ve listed above? Do you know of any other drinks that have fat burning properties? Make sure to participate in the discussion by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Water is good and it is cheap, just turn the tap. I do drink whey shakes with added fiber.

  2. Kurt Wingler says:

    Thank you very much for shedding light on this topic, and for sharing such great and useful tips about fat-burning drinks. :)

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